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startup funding – kick ass messaging platform

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eric patrick 3 Rep. Luke Fitzpatrick answered

We are close to completing an Alpha version of our new messaging app. Our app combines powerful features, functions and an innovative design to create the first messaging app of its kind, anywhere.

We have a strong team in place that can take this to the App store.

We are seeking 50-100K in funding to allow us to complete and launch LemmeChat.

Luke Fitzpatrick 18 Rep. Luke Fitzpatrick answered

I think you should be raising a much larger amount as you’re based in NY (perhaps minimum $500K upwards).

Getting your product online will make it easier to raise capital … but it’s not easy.

Here’s their website in case some investors here might want to check them out:


Emlyn Scott 278 Rep. Emlyn Scott answered

Congratulations Eric.

Get on the phone to the three FFFs (friends, family and fans). As soon as you’re live and getting real traction then you can start speaking with angel investors to catapult your growth.