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Omar Abdeljalil 3 Rep. Emlyn Scott answered

Is it customary for the startup founders to mention a key first employee in their first ever press release as an appreciation gesture?

Emlyn Scott 278 Rep. Emlyn Scott answered

Businesses tend to issue press releases these days like confetti and they make (deservedly) almost zero impact. Wise businesses issue press releases strategically with a message that the public wants to hear about. And to be clear, the public don’t care about you or your business (for the most part). They care about what’s in it for them.

So a press release should talk about how your business is going to impact them, or the community etc and make their lives better etc.

With the above in mind, a press release to mention your first key employee will have no impact on your business (unless they are VIP). But if you want to do it to make the employee feel good then go for it!  🙂

Masud Rana 6 Rep. Masud Rana answered

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