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Is it better to use seed money to employ a dedicated BDM, or to advertise strategically?

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Brett Stone 8 Rep. pfvpfv.9@gmail.com answered

Upon raising seed money we would be looking to use some of that money to build our user base quickly. That being said, is it more widely accepted to spend money on a BDM, advertising, or some other way to build the user base?

pfvpfv.9@gmail.com 6 Rep. pfvpfv.9@gmail.com answered

It all depends on the type of product and of process … It is possible that for the manufacture of of your product due to technological complexities is not enough seed money.in this case it is a strategic advertising. Accentuate
your attention once again on the type of product. There are intermediate type of product and a ready for use product. Of course best option – it is a comprehensive approach of financing …

But as practice shows startup funding – real life is is very far from of the theory …

Ben Jackson 25 Rep. Ben Jackson answered

Being a founder you will know your product better than anyone and be able to sell it better than anyone.

It’s probably better free yourself up to do more sales by using resources to offload the tasks you are doing that aren’t generating revenue.