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How to get fund what if I am Thai and I have a business plan ?

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Saksit Tuntaha 3 Rep. Ben Jackson answered

I have tried every ways that people told me to get fund but the problem is I am Thai and no one know me. I have an idea startup and finished business plan. If anyone could help me with this please help me.

Ben Jackson 25 Rep. Ben Jackson answered

You need more than your idea and a business plan. As Emlyn notes you need something your potential investors can see.

Along with your prototype/MVP you’ll need to get some people using your product and ideally paying for it. If you haven’t already I suggest you read ‘Running Lean, Iterate from Plan A to a plan that works’ by Ash Maurya. It will guide you through the early days of proving your idea and getting feedback from real customers. Cross those hurdles first then you get to sit in front of potential investors and they’ll take notice.

Emlyn Scott 278 Rep. Emlyn Scott answered

Hi Saksit. Good for you. Keep at your dream. If it were easy, everyone would do it (as they say!).

Unfortunately, no investor that doesn’t already know you will invest in an idea. You need to consider funding it to start with (bootstrapping) and bringing in the the FFFs (friends, family & fans). These people know and trust you.

When you’ve developed your idea further (prototype, MVP, etc) then angel investors are likely to take interest.