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How hard is it to raise funding for a solo entrepreneur?

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Dave Nickson 3 Rep. Luke Fitzpatrick answered

I am a solo entrepreneur from India with decent work experience. I am working on an innovative idea of a technology product that has the potential to make it big in the market. My concern is that how difficult is it to raise funding if I don’t have any partners in the business?

Luke Fitzpatrick 18 Rep. Luke Fitzpatrick answered

It’s possible, but it’s really hard.

I raised a small angel investment as a solo founder.

Jeremy Liddle 131 Rep. Jeremy Liddle answered

The short answer is…. very very hard. Being a founder is extremely hard work and you need to have someone in the trenches, fighting with you every day to make your company a success. At some point things will go wrong and a company is far more likely to survive hardship with a very strong cofoudning team. Investors want to know their investment will succeed and pay back 10x the money they put in. If you’re alone and give up, they will lose their money.

Also, it is almost impossible for a founder to have all the requisite skills and personality traits to create a profitable business. This requires technical, operational, visionary, design, sales and marketing disciplines. A cofounding team of 2-3 will be far more likely to have a broader range of skills and therefore are far more investable.